Solana Meme Coins – What are the Best Tokens?

The world of meme coins, particularly on the Solana blockchain, has gone crazy in the first quarter of 2024. Whatever you think of this blend of crypto, there is no doubt that they make up a fascinating blend of internet culture using the latest blockchain technology. But ultimately, much of the action is driven by speculation.

These digital assets ride the waves of viral trends, community pump and dumps, and often pure whimsy. So keep your wits about you and approach them with the understanding that they’re highly volatile and speculative, carrying risks akin to gambling. Any investment should be seen more as an entertainment expense than a serious investment strategy. With that caveat in mind, let’s dive into an overview of some of the top 10 Solana meme coins, bearing in mind that the landscape can change rapidly.

Some Top Solana Coins April 2024

Cat in a Dogs World ($MEW)
Not to be confused with Ethereum’s MyEtherWallet, MEW on Solana is a meme coin that began to blow up at the end of March 2024. It leverages the meme culture to engage users, focusing on community engagement and viral marketing.

dogwifhat ($WIF)

This coin capitalizes on a popular internet meme involving dogs and hats. It’s a project that combines humour and a sense of community. it is literally a dog with a hat. Nice hat though! Looks like grandma knitted that one.

Myro ($MYRO)
Named after Solana Founder Raj Gokal’s dog Myro. Yup!

Book of Meme (BOM)
This project is a nod to the culture of memes within and outside the crypto space. It acts as a digital ledger or “book” capturing the essence of meme culture over time. The coin associated with this project aims to create a sense of ownership and participation in this digital cultural archive.

Smog (SMOG)
Smog takes a more environmental twist on the meme coin concept, aiming to raise awareness about air pollution and environmental issues. While it tries to keep things light, it also aims to engage its community in serious conversations around sustainability.

Slerf (SLERF)
Slerf is all about creating a fun and engaging digital currency experience, with a focus on gaming and online communities. It aims to integrate with online platforms to allow for easy transactions and interactions among users.

Jeo Boden (JEO)
Inspired by popular culture references, Jeo Boden is a meme coin that takes the piss out of Joe Biden basically. “Joe Boden is da hartfelt leeder of Amuriku. His mishun is to bild bak betta, to unify da divided, n to counter da wild claims of Doland Tremp. We’re here to bring togetha all da Amuriku memes and support one anotha thru da highs and lows. Make sure to stand by Boden for real change!

SamoCoin (SAMO)
Named after a Shiba Inu (who’s have guessed!), Samoyed, SAMO is another dog-themed meme coin on Solana. It is big on community and has become famous for its playful branding and social media presence. Like others, it’s highly speculative.

Bonk (BONK)
Born from the desire to have a Solana-native meme coin, BONK has seen interest boom and wane and boom again in the crypto community. It gained initial popularity through airdrops and community events but remains a speculative asset with uncertain long-term value.

Sol Meme Coins – Should you Invest?

If you are going to get involved, I’d say it was more about having a bit of a flutter and some fun. Only put a level of skin in the game that you can afford to lose, these coins are 80% roulette!

These Solana meme coins offer a unique blend of culture, technology, and community, but approach them with caution. They are highly speculative, driven by social media trends, community sentiment, and market speculation.

How to Buy Solana Meme Coins

Using a Solana Wallet like Solflare

Download and Install Solflare: Solflare is available as a mobile app and a web extension. It’s user-friendly and designed specifically for the Solana ecosystem. if you are having a flutter, then this is as good as any way to start.

Secure Your Wallet: Upon setup, you’ll receive a seed phrase. Keep this phrase safe and secure, as it’s the key to accessing your funds.

Fund Your Wallet: Purchase Solana (SOL) through a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your Solflare wallet. SOL is required to perform transactions on the Solana network.

Exchange SOL for Meme Coins: Use a Solana-based decentralized exchange (DEX) to exchange SOL for the meme coins of your choice. You can do this directly within the Solflare wallet or via the browser tab. Just connect your wallet to a DEX.

Stay Informed and Engaged: Meme coins thrive on community engagement and viral trends. Join relevant social media groups, follow the projects on Twitter or Discord, and stay up to date with the latest developments.


When searching for meme coins, always double check the official contract address with a service like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. There are so many spin-offs of the various coins, make sure you are buying the right one!